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Telehealth sessions and Important Policy Change

Hi everyone -​I hope you are all having a happy, healthy, and safe January so far.

​Between the end of year holiday preparations and the changes that often come at the start of the new year, it can be a busy and stressful time for us all. As a result, some of you may be finding it difficult to keep your scheduled appointment time.

​As a gentle reminder, if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, I do ask for 24 hours notice. This allows any other clients who would like your appointment time to have the opportunity to schedule it. It also allows me to better serve you by using this time to schedule calls with Vibrant clinicians to inquire about test results, so that I can make recommendations more promptly and get you well.

​For your convenience, I am attaching the office policies statement that was sent to you at the time of your initial session. I have added in a new note about telehealth. Going forward, telehealth sessions will be ‘held’ for 20 minutes. If you have not logged in for your session within the first 10 minutes, I will resend you the appointment link and reach out to you via email. If after another 10 minutes, you have still not logged in for your call or notified me that you are having trouble logging in, your appointment will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule.

​Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate through this uncertain time. I truly appreciate you, and I look forward to helping you achieve your nutrition goals in 2021.​

Are you ready to prioritize your health?January is the perfect time to focus on achieving your weight loss goals. I’m currently enrolling clients in my Steps To Success Weight Loss program It’s not too late to sign up! Join the many others who are seeing results and feeling great as they start the new year.

Feedback from a recent client who lost over 20lbs!“I don’t even refer to this journey as a diet, rather a lifestyle change. The nutritional changes I have made in combination with my fitness regimen have enabled me to greatly improve my health and lay the proper foundation for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.”

Are you an STS Alumni?If you are a STS program member who has completed 8 weeks of coaching but are still working towards your ultimate weight loss goal, you can continue with sessions! Clients who have opted for 16 weeks of coaching have shown greater weight loss as a result of committing to a longer program. This is an ideal option for those in need of long term accountability and support. Intrigued? Check out the following deal!

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Confused about collagen?

Collagen supplements are becoming increasingly popular. Are you confused by them? You may be wondering whether or not this is something your body needs, or if these types of supplements even work. This post will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Understanding collagen

Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids. It is one of the most prevalent proteins found throughout the body. It is present in bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, your intestinal lining, and other fibrous tissues.  The main role of collagen is to provide structural support to your tissues. There are different forms of collagen, but the primary amino acids that comprise it are glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

Role of collagen

As we age, collagen levels decrease. This can lead to issues such as osteoarthritis, joint pain, stiff tendons, wrinkled skin, and GI disturbances. As a result, collagen is being added to beauty products and dietary supplements as a means of providing anti-aging benefits, reducing joint pain, supporting healthy bones and healing leaky gut.

Benefits of collagen

While some studies are mixed, there is strong evidence to support the following benefits of collagen

  • Promotes skin elasticity, hydration, anti-aging and improvement in overall appearance.
  • Can increase bone density and reduce bone loss
  • Helps reduce joint pain and stiffness
  • Can increase the process of wound healing

There is moderate evidence to support these additional benefits*

  • May support growth of hair and nails
  • May increase muscle mass
  • May protect against mucosal damage and support a healthy intestinal barrier
  • May support cardiovascular health

*Further studies are needed

Collagen food sources

So how can you obtain collagen naturally? Collagen is mainly found in animal tissue – primarily in the joints, tendons and bones. Bone broth is another common food source. You can purchase commercially made bone broth, but the best way to reap the benefits is to make it yourself. Here is a recipe you can try.

If eating animal carcass or drinking bone broth is not your thing, you can also try consuming foods that synthesize collagen and support its production. These include poultry, game meat, organ meat, fish, shellfish, cheese, egg whites, seeds, spirulina, and soy.

Collagen supplements

Collagen supplements come in a variety of forms including capsules, gummies, powders. One of the most common and versatile forms of collagen supplements can be found in bovine, chicken, or marine collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides are the result of larger collagen molecules being broken down into short chain amino acids. Peptides are ideal because they break down easily in liquids. You can add them to both cold and hot beverages, such as coffee or a smoothie. You can also include them in baked goods.

There is no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for collagen, but on average 2.5-1.5g per day have been utilized in studies. As with all supplements, I only recommend professional grade brands. Supplements are not regulated so quality really does matter. For example, with some commercial protein powders, there is concern about potential lead contamination. It’s worth investing a few more dollars to know that what you are consuming is safe. As always, before consuming any supplement I urge you to talk with a qualified healthcare practitioner to determine if you really need it.

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