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Meet Jennifer

I am a registered dietitian with a passion for real food and integrative wellness.

Getting to the Root Cause.

Integrative and functional nutrition offers an individualized and holistic dietary approach to health and wellness.

It applies the use of evidenced based nutrition therapy along with customized supplements, tailored labs, and mind body therapy in order to identify the underlying cause of many common health conditions and from there, develop the appropriate treatment process.

As a Registered Dietitian I am passionate about healthy eating and real food! I love educating people about how they can benefit from a proper diet and the connection between nutrition, health, and healing.

Want to feel your best and get the most from your diet?

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What I Do

I believe that while proper nutrition is the key to good health, there are other pillars that the body needs for support and to function at its best. These include quality sleep, adequate exercise, supportive relationships, and stress management. In short, I like to focus on a lot more then just nutrition!

Weight Management

Weight loss • Weight gain • Healthy weight maintenance

Healthy Eating

General health and wellness • Meal planning • Vegetarian/Vegan nutrition • Healthy eating for kids/picky eaters

Cardiac Disease

High cholesterol • High blood pressure • Heart disease


Insulin resistance • Pre-diabetes • Diabetes

Digestive issues

Diarrhea/ Constipation • IBS / IBD • GERD

Food Allergies /Sensitivities/Intolerances

Elimination diets • FODMAPs • Gluten Sensitivity / Celiac

Women’s Health/Hormone Imbalance

Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto’s • Menopause • Endometriosis • PCOS • Fibrocystic breast disease

Emotional Eating

Stress eating • Intuitive eating • Mindfulness

What My Clients Say

Here is the best part of my services, hearing the great success from my clients!

James C.

I contacted Jennifer to help me with a weight loss contest my gym was having. I didn't know the first thing about eating healthy, and decided to give her a try. Her methods were easy, and simple to follow. I beat out 26 other competitors and won by a landslide!! I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone who has tried it all and given up hope.

Weight Management Client

Lorin F.

I am a working mother of 3 active children. I have known Jen for 8 years and trust and value her opinion for nutritional information, as well as her choices in doctors. I trust Jen’s choices in vitamins to take as well as which ones to give my children, one of who has an allergy. She asked me pertinent questions before making any recommendations. She has helped me to make nutritional choices that best suit my family as well as our busy lifestyle. Jen listens to me as well as helps make suggestions without being pushy. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who is looking to become a healthier individual.

Nutrition Counseling

Jamie L. ​

I have gone to Jennifer on multiple occasions for nutritional counseling or diet advice. Each time she has gone above and beyond​. ​On these occasions she always sends supporting documentation to make you understand her recommendations. I have discussed weight loss strategies with her as well as what foods to eat to increase iron levels. She gave me pamphlets that listed foods that are high in iron but additional foods that you should eat to assist in the absorption of iron. I have been hypothyroid for more than ten years and Jen has given me reading materials regarding the benefits to using alternative medications. She is more than a registered dietitian she is caring, dedicated​,​ and really wants her clients to achieve whatever it is they are looking for. Without reservation I would highly recommend Jennifer.

Nutrition Counseling

Mary A.

I've had a consultation with Jen recently and she has helped me look at the food, health and beauty products I eat/use daily in an entirely different way. I realized when I was cutting a few calories I was wasting some important nutrients. I learned our skin is a giant organ and absorbs a lot of material, so I must be mindful of what I put on it. Jen is very knowledgeable, and extremely resourceful. She also understands my health issues and is helping me fashion food choices that help me with my concerns. Her feedback is real, supportive, and collaborative. Even more, she's genuinely invested in my needs. I can't wait for my next consultation.

Current Client

Brenda & Bill

My husband and I both are in our 70's. Our doctor said now is the time to change our eating habits and begin eating healthier which will hopefully keep us from future medical problems. Where to start? I was to go on a low carbohydrate diet and my husband less sugar and white flour of any kind. I was confused when reading all the information concerning what to eat so I called Jennifer. Jennifer not only guided us in the foods we should eat but she put together pictures of different items to eat proportionately and how much on each plate. She recommended sites for us to get printouts of all foods and their carb totals etc. We BEGAN losing weight and feeling so much better. We have only been following her instructions a month now and we both have lost over 20 lbs. NO pills, no cans no powder, just eating normal foods and desserts. Thank you Jen for your guidance and we are well on our way to staying healthy.

Weight Management Client

Amber Hudler

Jennifer has been a great resource in trying to get my hormonal imbalance back in order! With having PCOS there is just so much to learn to try and live a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer being knowledgeable in the area has been great in helping me get started in the right direction. She also has great resources to turn to as well. I would recommend anyone looking for any sort of help in regards to wanting a better healthier lifestyle to call Jenn! She will do whatever means necessary to try and get you on the right path!

Womens Health/Hormonal Imbalance Client

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